Interior Design is our work, our passion, and our life 

The designers at Opal Design Group have an insatiable passion for every aspect of design—from initial planning to final implementation. We are excited about working with people to create both beautiful and functional living and work spaces. Learn more about Opal Design Group HERE


Barbara Catron:

"Opal Design Group has been a pleasure to work with. From day one they treated my project as their baby and have put forth the extra effort any client would want from a designer. They were able to see the vision I had for my home and helped me every step of the way."

Jamie Werner:

"Opal Design Group was amazing to work with. Our designer put things together I would have never thought of but it really ties together the color of our wood floors and the walls. Everyone that comes to our home comments the design. I've been referring them to everyone."

Jerrea Chamberlain:

"Opal Design Group was a pleasure to work with and I would refer them to anyone! They made the whole process so much less stressful and the outcome surpassed my expectations."