Do I need an Interior Designer for my project?

Only you can answer that question. With that said, as designers we have worked on many projects and there is value in experience. A designer can provide solutions and ideas that may not have occurred to you. Proper planning and design can eliminate costly mistakes and give you the ideal space the first time around.

What is Opal Design Group's design style?

Each designer has different personal tastes and favorite styles, but we don't impose our likes on our clients. It is our job as designers to listen to you, dig deep and find out what makes you comfortable, discover the needs of your space and then assist you with our knowledge of design and what will stand the test of time to create a space that reflects you and your personality and lifestyle.

What phase of a project should I involve a designer?

The earlier the better. A project always turns out best when we can create a full design plan before a project even begins. By knowing even the smallest of details from the beginning, your space will maximize functionality and accommodate for all aspects of design. Beginning with the end in mind is really the way to go when starting a project.

How do you charge for your services?

We bill hourly for each of our projects. After assessing the specific needs of your project we will give you a detailed proposal which outlines estimated hours and timelines. 

What is your process when working with a client?

How we work on a project varies with each project and client. We are here to make your space as functional and beautiful as possible and it is up to you whether we simply give you the ideas and you run with it, or if you would like our help managing and implementing designs, leaving you stress free. How we work on a specific project is usually determined during the initial meeting with a new client.

How can I be a become a designer for Opal Design Group?

We have a unique model which allows us to bring on designers from all around the country. If you are interested in being a part of our team, simply send your resume and portfolio to and we can go from there!