If you live in an older home and haven't added air conditioning some Summer days can get quite uncomfortable. There are many ways to cool down that you may not have considered, but small changes can go a long way to creating a more comfortable home.

1. Unplug Appliances. Electrical appliances emit heat, TVs and computers are the worst offenders, so ensure they’re all closed down. Even if an appliance is on standby it can still emit heat, so consider plugging into a surge protector, so you can switch off multiple appliances with one click. 

2. Choose natural materials. Avoid synthetic materials, like polyester and man made fibers- especially in a bedroom. Synthetic fibers don't breathe as easily, so make sure your mattress, sheets and pillows are natural to allow your skin to breathe properly. Linen and cotton are our favorite for bedding.   

3. Add light filtering. Make sure all sun-facing windows are screened during the day, consider drapes, blinds, or shutters as an option to block the direct sunlight from heating the interior.

4. Don’t use the oven. Using your oven will increase the temperature of your home.  Use the hot weather as an excuse to fire up the BBQ!