This month we want to share some design advice that specifically pertains to what you've always been told about decorating. There are a lot of blogs, books, and tv shows dedicated to decorating, and many of them offer up advice and have the reader follow specific rules, when dealing with their home. So we would like to present a mini blog series, Decorating Rules you can break. We want to dispel some of those myths out there and let you know that sometimes rules are made to be broken, especially in a creative atmosphere.

Rule #1 : Metals in a room must all match.

You can absolutely break this rule, and in fact, we recommend it! Metal is a great way to add in texture to a space. Chrome creates a glamorous effect, and is very elegant. Gold looks extremely classy and distinguished. Bronze can look industrial or be dressed up to look pretty. Each metal has something great to offer.

When it comes to mixing metals in a space, there are better combinations than others, but a variety of metals gives a room character. A mixed metal room looks like it was well though out, each piece carefully chosen while paying attention to all the details.

This isn’t an amazing shot, but the house in this movie, Life as we know it, is truly amazing. You can see all the photos posted over at Hooked on Houses. (Our favorite source for movie and celebrity houses) Even though this shot is taken from the actual home, and not the one you see in the movie, the set designers were inspired by the actual interiors when selecting finishes for the film. Through out the movie you will see lots of mixing metals going on: chrome, brushed nickel, antique gold, and antique bronze all combined to create something masterful!

Opal Design Group

Opal Design Group

So, you may be wondering what metal combinations work best. Let us give you a few of our favorites...but remember these are not the only combinations that work... there are no rules!

Chrome & Antique Gold

Bronze & Antique Gold

Iron & Chrome

Bronze & Chrome

Iron & Chrome & Antique Gold

Opal Design Group

Opal Design Group

Does this mean that every room has to have mixed metals? The answer is no. There are rooms that look fantastic using just one metal though out the space. One place that is really tricky to mix metals is in bathroom plumbing fixtures. You may feel safer sticking to all one metal in this case. It is more difficult to get a cohesive design with mixing the finishes, although I have seen some gorgeous bathrooms that have accomplished the mixed look! Take a look at these spaces that have just used one metal finish. 

Opal Design Group

Opal Design Group

So next time you are worried about bringing in a new metal to your space, just remember that there is no rule about mixing metals. You may really like what you see if you add new finish! Do you think you can guess the next rule we are going to suggest you can break?