As we continue our Design Rules series we want to move into the kitchen. More specifically the void above your cabinets. Who says when the kitchen cabinets don't go all the way to the ceiling they are begging for ivy, roosters or any other kind of accessory to sit atop them? Perhaps you have felt the "pressure" or assumed that it's the only solution for that barren space. 

By overfilling the space above the kitchen cabinets it can feel like an excuse is being made for some lack of detail somewhere else. It is often distracting, feels staged and heavy. So we challenge you, if you have it to throw out the ivy or other "space fillers" that have no meaning and are just taking up space on the tops of your cabinets. 

So you may ask, "What are good accessories for kitchens?" Or, "what if I still feel the need to do something with that space?" The picture above is a great example of using that space as a functional purpose. A series of bowls, platters, or serving dishes are items that could be used in place of knick knacks that need a lot of dusting. If it's beautiful and useful in a kitchen then why not put it somewhere it can be seen? Since the kitchen is the heart of the house everything should have a purpose, even if it's decorative.

If you desire to display accessories in your kitchen, and you feel like the only space you have is above the cabinets, look again. The space against your backsplash is perfect for pictures or cutting boards, and an open island is asking to be the new home of beautiful greenery or a bowl with fruit. 

Are you a former ivy lover that has since changed your ways or is this something new to you? Please share, we love your comments.