If you live in an older home that doesn't have much in the way of closets, or if you love looking at perfectly organized spaces, this post is made for you! We are going to outline some amazing tiny closets and how they made good use of their small space.

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This closet utilizes some drawers to store jeans, jewelry, and anything small that is harder to hang. They even fit a small mirror on the wall to check yourself before you head out the door. 

This closet makes us want to pair down our wardrobe! We love the clear shelf dividers on the top that keep the jeans divided. And pulling in 2 long shelves for shoes is a great use of space. 

If you don't have a sliding or bi-fold door on your closet, try handing some extra storage on the door like this child's closet. The back of the door is the perfect place for shoes, belts, jewelry, scarves, and toys!