If your house lacks a designated dining room, or you just have a bit of space in your kitchen for a dining table, but navigating around the chairs poses a problem a banquette could be the perfect solution for your home. Banquettes can sit against a wall, below and island, or in a corner, and they can be a huge space saver, and perfect for hidden storage. Here are some of our favorite banquette designs. 

These upholstered options are perfect for a nook area. They warm up the space and soften all of the hard edges. And we can't get enough of those beautiful light fixtures. 

Image Via Opal Design Group

Image Via Opal Design Group

Adding storage to your banquette is easy. You can use a piano hinge on the seat, so you can lift it for more storage. Or, like the image above you can add drawers to the ends of the bench. 

Backing up a banquette under the island serves as double duty. You get a built in backrest, and you save space.