Have you seen the new Beauty and the Beast Movie? The songs and the sets were out of this world, and after it was over, one lyric kept hanging in the air... "I use antlers in all of my decorating." Of course, the line comes from the rugged villain, Gaston. But we are here to tell you antlers don't have to be a symbol or dark, rustic lodges. Rather, they can be quite fresh, adding texture, and a touch of antique or modern. Obviously antlers above a fireplace are expected so, let us show you how we like decorating with antlers. 

1. Above the bed. Both of these spaces highlight an antler feature above the headboard, yet you can see how bright and feminine both of these spaces feel. We love the antique natural feel the mounted antler brings to this space. The stark white wreath made of antlers lends itself well to transitional and modern spaces. A wreath like this could hang all year without looking dated, or out of season. 

2. In the Bathroom. Antlers are a wonderful way to add natural elements in a bathroom. Often, those spaces can feel cold, because there is so much tile, glass, and other smooth cold surfaces. But if you add a but of the unexpected, like the two spaces below, you will achieve a surprise that will set your space apart. 

3. In the Entry. In these spaces antlers become the perfect place to hang your hat. We love how simple this idea is, and yet it adds quite a stand-out feature. Sure you can hang a hook on your wall, but when coats and bags are removed the antlers stand alone as pieces of art in their own right.