Holiday clean-up can seem overwhelming. Especially because you only had these decorations up for a month (we hope) and now after all the holiday hub-bub has come to an end real life is back in full-swing, the kids are back at school, you are back at work, and the idea of packing it all up sounds like no fun. But don't fret, we have some tips for even the most busy or unorganized when it comes to taking down and storing your holiday treasures. 

Take pictures. Before you tear everything apart, take some quick pictures of all of your decorations. It will help you figure out just how you had the mantel perfectly put together. You can even tape a picture on the lids, of what is inside the boxes. It will make next year's set-up a breeze.

Separate the fragile from the non-breakables. Doing this makes sense for speedy take-down. Store the fragile ornaments in their own box too, that way if kids want to help you have kid-proof ornaments they can enjoy hanging. In general it helps to sort your boxes by kind or by area you are decorating. You may have fragile boxes, bins with only lights, or a box for all of the decor you put on your mantel. 

Take advantage of holiday sales. Did you run out of ornament hooks or ribbon this year? How about buying it now, while it's on sale and storing it for next year so that you are fully pepared and not running to the store at the last minute next year. 

Donate the things you didn't use this year. If you have decorations that never make it out of their boxes it's time to donate them! Save your space and don't keep storing things you don't love.