We've talked about small houses and tiny houses in the past, but we usually approach it from the perspective of design, and not functionality. Today we wanted to address how  living in a smaller house might just enhance your life.

The Great Outdoors: A tinier home doesn't just offer you the chance to get outside more it gives you more yard. By taking up less of the overall lot, a tiny house allows you to have a large yard with more distance between you and the street or neighbors.

Make it Cozy: When you think of a cozy home you probably aren't envisioning a Beverly Hills Mansion. Smaller homes can help families gather, that’s because when we’re in a smaller space, we naturally gravitate toward one another.

Save Time: Small spaces are so much easier to clean and maintain. Less surfaces = less time scrubbing. There’s no way to get out of housecleaning entirely, but if you have a small home, the process is much faster.

Save on Utilities and Furniture: The more square feet you have, the more expensive it will be to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. And a small home is easier to furnish. If you’re just starting out, the cost of furnishing your first house can add up fast.  A small house with less area to fill means you can focus on purchasing things you love, rather than stretching your budget just to get something in each room.

Travel More: Downsizing your home frees up money for hobbies like traveling, or investing in another vacation property. Before thinking you “need” a certain amount of space, consider what you could gain by giving up some square footage.