Decorating for Autumn can be as simple as popping a pumpkin on your porch, or as elaborate as changing out all of the decorative accessories in your home. Now we don't suggest you go that far, and in fact we would steer you toward simplicity- because just a few small and tasteful accents go a long way. So here's a run down of our favorite fall accents for your home.

Pumpkins and Gourds

For obvious reasons we are starting with arguably the least expensive, and easiest to come by fall statement, pumpkins and gourds. They are perfect on a porch, in a planter, or placed on a dining table. 


Our favorite fall wreaths are simple, they highlight seasonal accents but they remain elegant and timeless. Wreaths do not require bold colors, or superfluous ribbons. Our favorites include magnolia, olive branches, and boxwood. 

Throws and pillows

Put away your cotton or thin blankets and bring in a warm, thick throw. Chenille, wool, cashmere, heavy cotton, or cable knit, they will all warm up the space by adding a punch of color or texture. Now is the time to stow those summer pillows. Replace pastel hues with warmer jewel tones, or swap a silk for luxurious solid velvet or fur.