Fall is on its way, which means it's back to school for all the little ones. After a long summer of fun, and maybe letting loose with schedules, it can be tough getting back into an organized, and structured routine. But we've put together a few stylish organizational tips, to get your kids, and yourself back in order. 

Have a command center. If you have the space, whether in a garage, entry hall, kitchen, or laundry room having a command center is key. Daily mail, permission slips, homework, and schedules can easily get out of hand if not tackled in an organized fashion. We think the family command center works best with the following items, an inbox for each member of the family, a calendar or board where daily tasks and appointments can be written. We've seen some renditions that have clipboards, bags, or bins for each child- anyway that works for your family to get the paper messes organized we are all about! 

Creating a homework station is key, whether at the kitchen counter, dining table, or at a desk in their room having a designated space for homework will help kids focus. We suggest putting a few necessary homework tools in a caddy or a tray that will help kids get to business quickly and not be on the hunt for scissors or crayons all night long. 

Especially after a long playful summer it may be somewhat chaotic getting ready early in the morning for school. We've seen a few versions of the daily outfit planner, and we think it's brilliant. However you choose to make it work for your family this one is sure to be a time saver. Pull out 5 outfits once a week and boom you are done! There is even a free printable to hang over the hangers in your tot's closet, it doesn't get easier than that! 

What kinds of things do you use to keep your family organized during school? As always, please share your brilliant ideas with us, we'd love to see some pictures and comments on this one.