Baby-proofing a home can seem like a pretty daunting task, and a not so chic one either. There are a lot of clever ways you can make your grown-up stylish home kid-friendly. We are here to lend a little support to all the parents out there feeling like they have to sacrifice style to have a baby-proof home. 

Coffee Tables: The coffee table is the center of the living room. You probably hang out in that space quite a bit, so it is important to keep it relatively baby proof. Start by switching out sharp corners or glass tops with a solid ottoman, or some poufs. These soft surfaces are better for baby, and hey, they have an added bonus, you won't feel guilty kicking up your feet. 

Block Hazards: Kids will get into everything, so it's imperative you block their curiosity as much as possible. These hazards could include outlets behind a sofa, or your fireplace. Placing a solid side table against the wall will block the path behind a sofa, or try a storage ottoman in front of your fireplace or a faux wood panel blocking the entrance of a real fireplace. 

Decorative Accessories: Decorative accessories can be the icing on the design of your room, but you don't need to pack them all away with the arrival of a little one. Obviously you should clear out anything valuable, breakable, or irreplaceable. Replace some of the heavy or more fragile decor elements with things that were light, safe, and even playful. Think, spray-painted plastic animals, globes, woven trays, and anything paper mache! And always leave room on the bottom of shelves to store actual toys, that will hopefully distract tots from the accessories!