Moving is tough. Sure, it’s also a fresh start and a new experience, but we know carrying those belongings up several flights of stairs is hardly easy. So when you have friends who relocate, make sure you reward their successful move with a thoughtful housewarming gift. We’ve hunted down everything your hosts will appreciate. 

Coffee Table Book: Whether it's a book you love that you want to share with a friend, or a topic picked based on the host's hobbies- a coffee table book is a fun way to share info and beautiful images. 

A Cozy Throw: A colorful throw is the perfect gift, especially if you know the homeowners decor. When in doubt go with a neutral herringbone pattern.  For an added personal touch, you can have it monogrammed. 

Tool Kit: Newlyweds, college kids, and first-time home owners may not have a tool kit. Whether you need a hammer to hang some art, or a screw driver to put together a shelving unit, a simple set of tools can save the day when you are in the midst of moving. 

Local Food: In a new place it's always to know where the best eateries are. Foodie friend's are safe giving a gift card to a local restaurant or a basket filled with the best local bread or jam. Food is always a good idea.