Every interior designer has their go-to tricks. Today we'd like to share our top hacks that we use time and again for staging photo shoots, working with clients, and making quick design decisions a breeze. 

1. Stacks of books. Wherever you have an empty shelf, space on the bottom of nightstands, kitchen islands or an expansive coffee table surface that could use a little accessorizing, simply pull out a great oversize book or two, and you’ve got endless options for decorating like a true designer. For a more neutral display, take the jackets off books with overly busy covers and display just the plain covers.

2. The perfect color. Paint always looks a little different between the paint chip and the wall, so when you’ve found a great one that you love in real life, there’s no reason not to use it again and again. Besides guaranteeing a great result every time, using a signature color also connects different spaces for a sense of consistency throughout your home. 

3. Hide the Tech. We love to hide televisions and computers in cabinets and credenzas.
Turn your media wall (whether it’s just a TV or oodles of gadgets) into a display area, tucking away tech boxes in cabinets or on open shelves among artworks, candles and heirlooms. This lets the area serve as an attractive focal point whether or not the TV is on.

4. Throw blankets. A gorgeous throw blanket is the decor equivalent of the garnish on an exquisite meal. They add warmth and color to any space. Don’t get too fussy with a throw blanket. After all, it’s called a “throw” for a reason. When everything else in the space carries clean lines, a casually tossed throw provides some needed softness.

5. Collecting over time. Don't rush the design of your space, but rather allow the finishing touches to be collected over time. Often clients want an entire space to be designed and completed ASAP, but if designers take a little extra time with a decision, it’s not just because we’re taking a long lunch. To really know how pieces will work together, you sometimes just have to see them in the space and even live with them for a while.