Hallways connect our main living spaces to bedrooms, entry halls and up and down staircases. These spaces are often overlooked, but they are just as important as any livingroom or bedroom when you are considering decor. Whether you're working with a short hallway, a hallway with a sharp turn, a spacious hallway or one that's a tight squeeze, you can make it feel just as special as the rest of your home. Make your hallways come alive with these tips on ways to dress up your hallway.

1. A picture gallery. Take advantage of an extra-long hallway by hanging a row of family photos and art. While identical frames and matting can look graphic and bold, an eclectic mix of colors and sizes will add warmth too.             

2. A colorful rug. If your hallway could use a pick-me-up, add a colorful rug for instant style. The long rug, which extends from one end of the hallway to the other, has a dramatic impact.  

3. Furniture. Take advantage of a wider hallway and add a bench or console table. It will break up a long expanse and give focus to a plain space.

4. Pendant lighting. Most interior hallways don't have windows, which means adequate artificial lighting is a necessity. Try adding hanging pendants instead of the standard surface-mounted lighting. The right pendant will light up your hallway while adding design flair, too.

5. Millwork. Hallway wainscoting and millwork is a great decorative design element, but it also helps protect drywall from scrapes, bumps and marks. Traditionally, wainscoting was installed in transitional spaces like this, to protect active rooms from heavy traffic.