Spring is one of our favorite seasons, especially for refreshing your home. It's typical this time of year to get the rubber gloves out, and give your home a thorough cleaning and you can see all of our tips on that in this series, but today we want to share with you some simple touches you can make to your space to bring in a light, fresh springtime feel. 

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are the perfect sign for spring. They bloom for just a few short weeks, but with the right faux blooms you can enjoy them for months. We like these stems from Terrain, and we love how they styled them with a simple large scale jar/vase. You can easily replicate this look on an entry table, kitchen island,  or dining table. 

Swap Linens/Drapes

Whether you are swapping out a dark set of sheets for a bright white set, or changing out your drapes for something light and airy- changing out your linens is a perfect way to bring that fresh feel to your space. We love this simple hotel style sheet set from The Picket Fence, or these lightweight drapes from West Elm. 

Add Pastels

Pastels can be anything but childish these days, by adding contemporary shapes and patterns helps bring sophistication to these soft hues. Shopping pastel accents will brighten your space and channel a fresh, seasonally appropriate style.