Lamps can be the star of a design, or a subtle touch, use them on end tables to flank a sofa or on a console table behind the sofa. Choose from a variety of shades: grays, creams, blacks, whites, and beiges. These toned-down hues are far from boring—wood, shell, rope, and metallic finishes can provide eye-catching texture to amp up any look. This week we wanted to share our favorite off-the-shelf table lamps. We've divided them into a few different categories, take a look.

White/ Cream

We love the look of white and cream lamps. They lend themselves well to contemporary and traditional design.  White blends well with many surfaces, from stain, paint, and stone to concrete- so virtually any place you put a white lamp will look great!


In minimal design there aren't a lot of superfluous details, so carefully selecting pieces for a room so that you have fewer items making a larger impact, becomes an important aspect of the design process. This is where selecting a more structural lamp becomes important. Table lamps with an intricate base that can be a conversation piece on their own, shine with this type of design style.  


Modern design captures simple clean lines, so the design of modern lamps should follow the same principles. Embrace a style that uses solid finishes, natural elements, or shapes. Keep it SIMPLE.


Classic lamp finishes include brass, glass, blue and white porcelain.