One of our most requested design details is to create custom built-ins for our clients.  Nothing puts your square footage to better use than a built-ins. Whether that means a desk and cabinetry in your kitchen or a bookcase tucked into a niche beside the fireplace, built-ins maximize every available inch in your floor plan. They transform dead zones under stairs and at the end of hallways into functional space and help you get organized by adding new storage options without adding on to your home. Today, in our last post in the Design Details series we wanted to share with you our most requested types of built-ins, and share our tips for achieving a similar look in your own home. 

Columned Room Divider

In cavernous family rooms, built-ins can delineate the space, by creating more intimate spaces and designate zones for specific activities, from dining and lounging to working and entertaining. In the ever-popular open floor plan, sometimes it is hard to define spaces, but adding columns or bookcases and an arch to a doorway can make the room feel more intimate while still remaining open. In a basement, hollow decorative columns can be used to hide ugly support posts. you can anchor them to each other with low bookshelves or tie them into a small wet bar, concealing their true purpose. 

Mudroom Bench

This is probably our favorite type of built in because it's the kind that gives a plain hall or entryway purpose. Entries to any home are unfortunate magnets for clutter, and placing a nice console and mirror at the entry won't hide that clutter, but built-ins can. The trick to mudroom organization is providing storage options for gear throughout the seasons. Provide cabinets, bins, and hooks so that it can be a space the whole family will utilize. You can achieve a look like this in your own home by installing a shelf with hooks, and a bench cubbies below, paint out the space from the shelf to the cubbies in the same color and it will mimic the look of a built in for less. 


Fireplace Niche and Entertainment Units

A fireplace flue naturally creates recesses on either side that are ideal for built-in bookshelves and entertainment centers. Creating built-in shelving can be as simple as purchasing pre-made shelves, and adding a bit of moulding to the top and bottom to give it a built in effect, or hiring a professional and creating something perfect for the space. Most home decor stores offer pieces that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect built-in solutions for entertainment centers, offices, and fireplace alcoves, and range in price from IKEA to Pottery Barn.