Books can be great for entertainment, but they can also be the perfect accessory to any room. From large coffee table books, to smaller novels, finding a way to display them in your home can give them a whole new personality.  Here are some suggestions on how and where to display all those books! 


If you have soooo many books that you absolutely need to fill your bookshelves with nothing but books, may we suggest you arrange them by size and color. The bookcase above is a great example of this. Can you see what their trick is? That's right they turned the spines of the books in. I bet if you turned them "right side out" they wouldn't have such a subtle look. This is a great solution especially if you don't have a collection of antique books with beautiful leather toned covers. Or if turning the books inside out is completely against your nature then you could try wrapping them in brown paper.


It is refreshing to break up the monotony of all books with family photos, vases, urns, small trinkets and anything that has a story. Don't be afraid of having some shelves without books at all. Group books by similar color or topic when breaking them up. Stack them vertically or horizontally, This allows you to place other accessories or art pieces behind, on top of, or next to the books. and try to keep the groups anywhere from three to seven, too few can look funny and too many books and you've missed the point. 


If you are lucky enough to have a bookcase with doors on the bottom don't hesitate to put those odd, unattractive paperbacks down below. When trying to de-clutter think of the visual clutter you can eliminate by stowing the misfits out of sight, even placing some in baskets on upper shelves can do the trick. One recommendation we have is take those book jackets off! They are usually brightly colored and glossy, concealing a beautiful book with gold lettering down the spine. It will be well worth it.