Sometimes the best investment you can make regarding your home isn't a clear one. It can be frustrating deciding where to splurge and where to save — especially if you have many areas you feel need updating. Most of the time our wallets do the deciding for us, or a major appliance malfunction gets moved to the top of the list. We wanted to share our thoughts on the areas we feel make the most impact on your investment and the future re-sale value of your home. 

The Kitchen

It is a fact that kitchens sell houses. Most homeowners do not want to think about the time and money they'll have to invest to update a kitchen, but it's the best place to invest the funds if you have them. Think about your layout and workspace, if the flow of your kitchen isn't working you should spend your money on the layout — it never goes out of style. If you have a great layout, plugging in new appliances, hardware and cabinets can be quick and easy.

The Bathroom 

Bathrooms are the cousins of kitchens in home remodeling, because they can take a lot of work if they are really bad. But if you have a few outdated fixtures or an off paint color, you don't have to go crazy. Instead, install new fixtures, re-grout the shower, add crown molding and brighten up the room with some paint.  Something as simple as a new mirror and light fixtures can make the dingiest of bathrooms look fresh and fabulous. Just a few little improvements in a bathroom can be a really smart way to spend your money.

 Basement or Attic Renovation

If you have a basement or a big attic, finish it out. Whether it's making the office of your dreams or an extra bedroom for your ever-expanding family, finishing your basement or attic can inject instant equity and square footage into your home.

Update Fixtures and Finishes

Whether your home is older with dates finishes, or newer and the previous owner LOVED floral wallpaper — updating the fixtures and finishes is an affordable way to modernize your home. Just pulling down tacky wallpaper or wood panelling or shaving the popcorn off of the ceilings can transform a room! If your light fixtures or faucets are looking a bit sad a quick trip to the home improvement store can change that in a heartbeat. We love these kinds of fixes because they are perfect projects for a DIYer. 

Front Yard Curb Appeal

Whether it's a nice paver walkway or simply adding some color to your planters, keeping your front yard looking fresh is not only inexpensive, but also sends the message that you care for and maintain your home well. In the case of home improvement, a book is always judged by its cover.