We love play rooms. They are the perfect space to catch and corral all the toys, games and clutter than can sometimes accompany being a kid.  But what if you don't have an extra room for your kids? Well setting up a play area is still possible, even in the smallest of homes. Explore your home's nooks and crannies to give your children the room they need to play.

Convert a closet. If our home lacks a dedicated play room, or a basement a closet is the perfect compromise. It's got enough room for littles, and you can just shut the door on the toys when playtime is over!

Image via Opal Design Group

Image via Opal Design Group

Make use of an empty hallway. In this project we added a kid's nook right into the side of this hallway. It may not be practical for everyone, but you can steal some space from below your stairs if you have it, or the side of a spare room you don't want to convert to a playroom. 

Speaking of stairs... try lining up the kids space on the wall under your stairs. It is the perfect space for shelves, play kitchens, dress-up racks and more. We love what Joni from Lay Baby Lay did along their stair wall. 

A dormer is a great space for a play nook. Children love to be in spots that feel like they were made just for them. This cute dormer has enough room for a play table, a few chairs and even a large dollhouse.

Sometimes a colorful rug and a table are all you need to create a play "nook" that your children will spend hours enjoying.