It has been a decade since we'd seen the new episode of Gilmore Girls, and as soon as the revival came out on Netflix we were reminded just how much we love Stars Hollow. One thing I've always loved about watching the show is that they have decorating moments that are to die for. And here are some of our favorites. 

The Dragonfly Inn. The entirety of season four is spent renovating the dragonfly, this old abandoned inn that Sookie and Lorelai stumbled across in an earlier season. The interiors are just as queen charming as Stars Hollow we can't get enough of those Chippendale chairs in the dining room.

Rory's dorm at Yale. In Rory's freshman year of college, Emily, her grandmother, sneaks into her dorm room to redecorate the whole thing. The best part is, her roommate Tanna doesn't even know that the space had changed, if only all of us had grandparents to provide "suck up furniture." 

Emily and Richard's house. Emily and Richard's house is about as perfect as traditional style could be. Emily is exquisite taste and antiques and refinement make it so.

The pool house. When Roy takes a break from Yale she moves into Emily and Richard's pool house. Emily takes advantage of the timing, and redecorates the whole thing. This is probably one of our most favorite design moments on the entire show- the grass cloth wallpaper in her bedroom is amazing.

Logan's Apartment. Logan's apartment is basically the dream of any college kid living on their own. He has a suit of armor, a full sized pool table, and an Eames chair for goodness sake. His high tech pad is the perfect bachelor hang out, and hey if Paris kicked us out we wouldn't say no to moving in! 

Paris and Doyle's House. Paris' home is a fresh look into the new Gilmore style. We love those side chairs! Although we don't know that we could live in Paris' home with all those stairs...“I can’t take these stairs…. This place is a vertical Armageddon. Five stories. And Doyle wouldn’t put in an elevator because it would ruin the architectural integrity of the building.” We feel you Geller. 

Images via Hooked on Houses, Netflix and Warner Brothers

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