If you have a laundry room you know you can spend countless hours in there scrubbing out stains, pressing our best, and folding clothes till the cows come home. It stands to reason that we should make this space as functional and pleasant as possible, right? Laundry rooms have come a long way from a stack-able unit in a closet or a set tucked in a dark, dank basement. Here are a few tips to help you add some pizzazz to your laundry room, anything to help you lighten your load!

Television.  It may sound ridiculous, but it'll keep you entertained during long periods of folding and ironing. I mean if you can binge watch your favorite show while you fold piles of laundry, how bad could the chore be?

Dog washing tub. Every friend and neighbor with a pooch will be green with envy when you show them your personal dog washing station. This is a great addition for laundry rooms that have an entrance to the outdoors or garage. 

Hanging bar for clothes. An air-dry station allows wet garments to dry without making a mess. 

Ironing board. A simple addition to any laundry room or closet. Just add the proper hardware to the wall for a fold down ironing board. In this room the ironing board is hidden behind the white panel on the wall.  If you have a smaller space a door mounted hook can hold your free-standing board. 

Hampers. Built-in laundry hampers like these can help you keep your laundry space extra tidy with minimal effort. When the clothes are piling up, just make sure the drawers are closed! This homeowner has a hamper for whites, colors and darks — all tucked away and out of sight.