A sofa should be one of the biggest furniture investments you’ll make for your home. You should aim to purchase a sofa that lasts the test of time.  Here are our tips to help you look for a sofa that will be the best-quality sofa that you can afford. 

Construction: Quality sofas should feel solid and heavy. If it feels light or wobbly, take a pass. Look for a frame made from a hardwood like oak, alder, birch, maple.. Eight-way, hand-tied springs are a hallmark of fine furniture, if you can afford it it will be well worth it, but sinuous S-shaped springs can provide similar comfort for less cost. 

Cushions: Most cushions have a core of polyurethane foam. In the cheapest furniture, the cushion is filled with just the polyurethane foam core. In better furniture the core is wrapped with Dacron batting. Higher-quality options include poly-down cushions, which have down mixed with the batting and spring-down cushions, which feature a core of springs surrounded by foam and feathers.

Fabric: Since sofas are such a big investment, you’ll want yours to stay in fashion as long as possible. Given that, it’s often best to stick with a neutral fabric. You can always add color and pattern with throw pillows. Plus, pillows are easy and inexpensive to change if you decide to redecorate. If you have kids and a neutral sofa sounds like an invitation to disaster, consider a darker color or a sofa with a subtle overall pattern. Synthetic fabrics are typically more durable, colorfast and cleanable. Tightly woven fabrics and fabrics that are heavy will stand up to wear and tear better, as will leather.