A lot of designers or architects will have their clients take a "style" test before working with them. A style assessment can guide a designer down the path of understanding what style their client gravitates toward, saving the designer time, and the client money. We don't do a strict style assessment when working with new clients, but we do ask to see houzz boards or pinterest pages if the client has any, to help us gauge their style. Style is easier to recognize with your eyes than with words, you know it when you see it. So we put together a mini-style assessment on kitchen style. Which one is your style? 

Farmhouse kitchens. Filled with warmth and texture, the farmhouse kitchen mixes materials old and new. From open shelving to natural wood elements to large basin sinks, farmhouse kitchens have a comfort you'll want to keep coming home to. 

Modern kitchens. When you think of modern you think of sleek, simplified, and clean. An uncluttered kitchen with streamlined cabinets and a focus on material sets a modern kitchen apart. 

Traditional kitchens. It's all in the details for a traditional kitchens- think raised cabinet profiles, arches, corbels, decorative moldings and corbels. Mixing classic materials like wood, brick, and marble. 

Contemporary kitchens. While a purely modern kitchen often celebrates simplicity and structure, a contemporary kitchen is often more fluid in form and finishes, including elements of other styles and creating its own reflection of the times.

Transitional kitchens.  Transitional style is a blend of the warmth of traditional design and the clean, simple lines of contemporary style, transitional spaces are about creating harmony. 

Eclectic kitchens. Mix and match is the basis for all eclectic style. Mix styles, textures, colors, anything that you love. You can create your own distinct kitchen style however you please.