One of our favorite places to display art is in a nursery. In a nursery or small child’s room you can have fun, be whimsical, and take yourself a lot less seriously than in the rest of the house. We wanted to break down our favorite ways to inspire you to display art in a kid's space. In a nursery, the message or images in your art is more a statement for you and any visiting relatives to enjoy. But to ensure it appeals to your child, too, find a piece with letters, a favorite character from a book/movie, or something with cheerful colors. 


Gallery walls give you the chance to compile a series of images that are all the same, or to completely mix it up with a bit of organized chaos. If you are a very symmetrical person we recommend the former. Many art supply stores sell templates you can use to create a gallery wall. If you want to go a bit more nontraditional we suggest laying out the design on the floor so you can visualize the overall look- no one wants to fill 50 nail holes if it isn't looking quite right.


Book ledges are a great way to display your child's favorite characters, and even better they can interact with this type of "art." Most ledge shelves like the ones below are also deep enough to display framed art, so you can place books in your child's reach but also display art on higher shelves. 


Whether its a large photograph, poster, or painting- selecting one bold piece and having framed above a crib or changing table sets a statement for the room. It is a simple way to display a theme without being to "cheesy," and allows the child to grow into the space as well. 


We think it's fun to spell out your child's name on the wall, but go one step further with this idea and do something grand with just the first letter. We love how these two nurseries take that idea to the feminine and masculine extreme.