Decorating with geometric prints can be challenging if you don't know where to start. It helps to draw inspiration from the world around you. Geometric prints aren't a new fad, they have been around for a while- and you can see them in fashion spreads, and in decor magazines from decades ago. Bold geometrics are a popular because they can blend well into any style from contemporary to traditional. So if you are ready to add some pattern into you home here are our tips for getting a sophisticated look using lattice, hexagons, diamonds, quatrefoils, and more.


You don't need a lot of pattern to make a statement, try picking one piece or area to focus on. A pair of drapes, a duvet cover, or a headboard are the perfect touches of pattern in a bedroom. In a living room try a diamond print on some pillows or a lattice pattern on an ottoman- you’ll get to have a little fun experimenting without having to make a big commitment.


If you are afraid of mixing too many geometrics in one space but you want a bold look, try putting it on your walls. For a statement go with colors that contrast well against each other, they will give you the look you want but you can keep your other furnishings solid. If you aren't ready for a graphic commitment choose soft tonal variations or neutral shades for a more subtle effect, like the room above.


Geometric patterns can carry a lot of visual weight so they become ideal designs on area rugs. With a large print or repeating pattern it is always better to keep your furniture solid or incorporate a light texture. If you are more daring you can balance the rug's graphics with some complementing prints placed sparingly around the room.