Our new year is of to a running start. Now that we've had time to recoup from the holidays we thought we would share some of our favorite design trends that carry into 2016.  We often warn against trends, and their ability to become dated references to cheesy design ideas from the past. But this list we've compiled is a simple nod to some trends we really feel are here for a while. Not just because they look good, but because they embrace the path that design is already moving toward- simple, casual spaces you feel at home in. 


Lighting is often overlooked in designing a home, most builders choose a trendy inexpensive fixture and don't bother allowing the light to make a statement. The truth is you can have a simple space, and the proper light fixture can set it off- making it look like a custom home in an instant. Our favorite places for Statement light fixtures are: in an entryway or long hallway, above a kitchen island or dining table, and n a master bedroom. 


The fiddle leaf fig tree was HUGE in 2015. Our pinterest boards exploded with rooms that contained the most trendy houseplant. But you can bet that the fig opened the doors for house plants to have a lasting impression on design. We are rooting for this trend because plants aren't just pretty accessories, they can enhance our quality of life as well as our spaces. 


This may be a trend with a shorter lifespan, but we think it's life can be lengthened in the proper application. Graphic tiles make a big statement so you shouldn't go crazy. Try to find something you feel you can live with for a long time. Once you've found the perfect pattern, apply it to an area where is doesn't need to be taken too seriously- a powder room floor, laundry room backsplash, etc. Think of graphic tiles as art, you don't need a lot of other pattern going on in the space because they are going to make the statement. 


This is something we don't see going away. minimal design is about embracing simplicity and living a less-cluttered life.  It is about creating healthy spaces that are easier to focus in, easier to clean, and easier to move through. Scandinavian countries have embraced this style for years and there is a reason it is doing so well in America. We are seeing a blend of mid-century design and minimalism where every piece in a space has a purpose or a story- and that is how really good design should be. 


We've seen a trend in moving away from formal living rooms into spaces people actually use. Sectionals make for casual seating areas, and they are perfect for creating spaces where you can hang out with friends and family in a comfortable manner as opposed to a formal one.


Not every room in our homes needs to be 100% designed- it's just not practical. Giving in to imperfection is a trend we hope to see a lot more of in the future. Mixing and matching design styles, and making our spaces feel like OUR spaces should be our first priority. Not everything in our home needs to look like a magazine, or be brand new. Use pieces you love, toss pieces that you hate- embrace your personal style! 

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