The first thing you learn in design school is, "there is nothing new under the sun." People have been recycling design trends since the beginning of time, but it is still exciting and refreshing to see things resurface. We remember thinking, back in design school, that brass would NEVER come back. We've all had too many bad memories of brass light fixtures, brass hardware, and furniture from the 1980's. Perhaps when you moved into your house, those 80’s brass relics were the first things to go. While those fixtures are still not in style, and might never be, don’t make up your mind too quickly about brass – the brass fixture has become a classic and has been reinvented for a modern and sophisticated look!

We have been using antique golds and satin golds for awhile now in our designs. We love the way that gold really gives warmth to a space and gives it a pop of glam. Seeing the brass finish on some of the products at market, and in all the design catalogs, we are on board! This "new" tarnished approach to brass is less intimidating than the shiny gold brass most people are accustomed to since it is more subdued. It has an industrial feel, which gives it a cool factor, but it is easy to blend into a multitude of styles. This trend is popping up in furniture, hardware, and lighting, and looks great in all three categories.