Today we want to talk about texture, and how you can effectively layer texture into your space for a warmer, high-end look. When all of the components of a complete design are there, color scheme, furniture, accessories, but the entire room just feels a little flat-- it is usually missing layers of texture.

Texture is a perceived sense of touch, basically how things feel- the sensation of running your hand along a rough wooden tabletop, or sinking down into leather sofa cushions. Texture can affect how a space feels. Rough textures are more likely to make a space feel rustic and warm, while smooth textures bring a sleeker more modern tone to the room. Let us share with you a few ways you can add texture to a room.

Adding a rug can really ground a space. Not only do rugs help define areas, they help warm up a wood or tiled floor, or soften a sea of wall to wall carpet. And we love the look of 2 rugs layered over each other like the image above.

You should also consider the placement of textures as you go about designing your room. Putting a smooth texture directly next to a rough one will make the rough object have more presence than if you space them apart.

Warm up your walls with a textured wallpaper like grass cloth, or try a focal wall with dimension, like this reclaimed wood wall above. Both of these textures create a more intimate space, rather than leave them white the texture creates another tactile sensation that helps complete the space. 

Creating warmth is a no-brainer when it comes to pillows and throws. They instantly soften the look of any sofa or chair you adorn them with. We love mixing prints and patterns on pillows, it creates more interest than just plain solids. And don't just reserve your throw blankets for winter, their texture is perfect at the end of a bed or draped over the arm of a chair. 

Whether you choose a throw rug to warm up your bedroom or a wooden coffee table to bring life to your living space, the importance of texture is clear. It completes the room. Do you consider texture when redesigning your interiors? What are your favorite ways to add warmth to a space.