Happy Birthday Opal Design Group! We are so excited and amazed that Opal is 5 years old this month. It has been such an exciting adventure, we have met so many amazing people and worked on some fantastic projects. Thank you to everyone who has made this journey such a success. Here is to the next 5 years, may they be just as good. On this special anniversary we wanted to look back over the past 5 years and highlight some of our favorite moments.

1. The Legacy House
In the first year of Opal's existence we had the amazing opportunity to work on the Legacy house. A dream project which included a historic schoolhouse as a mother in law apartment! See the photos here. 

2. Opal's First Birthday Party
To celebrate our first year birthday, we hosted a birthday party and had yummy treats, a drawing for a room design, and a fun class all about design.

3. Opal Goes to Market in High Point
We had been to the Las Vegas market, but Opal took a trip to the one and only high point market, buildings and buildings of furniture, art, and fabrics. We came back with new vendors and new ideas.

4. The Home Expo
For 2.5 years, Opal was involved in the Salt Lake Home shows, offering design advice and answering questions. We even taught design seminars at each expo.

5. Studio 5
Opal has had the opportunity to be on Studio 5 several times over the last 5 years. Checkout our Fall decorating tips here. 

6. Aroma Tools
Just this year Opal finishes it's first major commercial project. We were involved in every design decision including the color of the roof and the park benches out front. This was a full time one year job!

7. The Opal Office
Opal moved into it's first office, having outgrown our little home offices, we finally had space for samples galore!

8. Christmas Trees for Uganda
We have been participating in a fundraiser for an organization that provides aid to Africa. We have decorated 3 Christmas trees!

9. Opal Expands to Oregon
Opal opened it's second location in Portland when Jana's husband went off to grad school. Both locations have been flourishing and doing well!

10. A new Opal Website
We recently revamped our website and gave Opal its' second fresh new look. A few years back we changed our name from the original Opal Never Shouts, to Opal Design Group, transitioning from a blog to a full service design firm.