Decorating with floral fabrics is a great way to add life, color and excitement to a room, and you don't have to be afraid of florals. They used to look so old-fashioned and some styles just scream 1980's, but the good news is, there are so many floral patterns out there today that are contemporary and fresh. Florals are no longer reserved for country cottages or your grandmother's sofa. But there are a few rules you need to keep in mind. when decorating with floral prints.


When decorating with floral fabrics it's important to use different sizes of patterns. A good rule of thumb is to use at least one large pattern, and mix one medium pattern or one small. Mixing the scales will provide a little contrast as well as balance.


Repetition of pattern is always a good idea in decorating but don't overdo it. If you've got floral curtains you probably don't need to repeat the same fabric anywhere else because the curtains take up so much visual space. However, if you have a small chair covered in a particular floral you might want to add a pillow or two in the same pattern elsewhere.


Don't be afraid to be bold. Floral patterns are at their best when they're strong. Big patterns and strong colors look great so don't be afraid to use them. In fact, using a lot of small patterns will look bitsy and cluttered so it's really important to add a big pattern or two.


If you're using multiple floral patterns on pillows, rugs, or drapes the prints need to connect in some way. The best way to do it is with color. They don't need to ALL be the same colors, they just need to compliment each other through similar tones.