White is a pretty common color for bathrooms, when you think white you think clean. But bathrooms are the perfect place to experiment with color. They are small so you don't have to commit to miles of color- you can play around with a fun wallpaper, or a bright-colored tile. Here, for your inspiration, is a roundup of our favorite bright-hued bathrooms.

These two bright spaces have something in common- they took some custom wainscoting and painted it white, leaving room at the top of the wall for a bold pop of color. If you are shy about shades this bold, then this is the perfect solution for you. Subtle on the bottom, party on the top! Leaving the rest of the details and fixtures white lets the color really speak in these spaces. 

Bringing in a soft color on the walls is a great solution for homeowners who are trying to be true to a historical design for their home. The soft grey/green in the bath above isn't too bold, but gives enough color to offset the beautiful Craftsman details in their home. One of our favorite ways to give a bath an injection of color is through the tiles. Whether you commit to an entire shower surround in a bright blue like this bath, or opt for a more subtle approach in a single band of colored tiles. 

Wallpaper is a great way to use color in your bathroom as well. Some of our favorite colorful bathrooms utilize a print on the walls rather than a solid color. Again in these spaces you can see they left the finishes and fixtures relatively neutral to compensate for such a bold pattern on the walls.