In our series “Trendy vs Classic” we share examples of trendy styles, while offering a classic take on the same design elements. This kind of thinking is great for home owners on a budget who are looking years into the future, and want to select timeless pieces for their home.  

Most trends are born from generally good design. This lamp design wasn't such a trend until it started showing up everywhere. When a design is so widely mass-produced it becomes a lot less special. This lamp is a perfect example of that. If you want the same look from a much more classic silhouette try the style on the right. You can shop the trendy look here, or the classic look here. 

Arching floor lamps have been a great trend for a while now. We aren't against this specific style- it offers another layer of light, and brings the light closer to you while reading at a sofa or sectional. Our problem with the lamp on the left is that it looks quite low-end and it's showing up a lot of places. Something like this works well for the style-savvy  student, or in a first apartment. But don't start building your forever home around cheap knock-offs, try selecting a mid-grade piece that has style but won't break your design budget. Your goal should be quality that will last for years and years. You can shop the trendy look here, or the classic look here. 

Trying to find the perfect fixture for above a dining table can be a challenge. Between capiz shells and Edison bulb fixtures we had a challenge choosing just one style as the trendy culprit. Ultimately we stuck with the shells- they give off a really beachy vibe- even when your home isn't near any water! For a more sophisticated look try a fixture with a linen shade. The shade will stay a contemporary style, while the shells will come and go. Shop the trendy look here, or the classic look here.

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