In the second installment of our series “Trendy vs Classic” we want to show you examples of trendy styles, while offering a classic take on the same design elements. This kind of thinking is great for home owners on a budget who are looking years into the future, and want to select timeless pieces for their home.  

Window treatments are an opportunity to define the look and feel of a space. They can soften the lines of a window and give a room a sense of definition. We have noticed some pretty strong trends in window coverings that can be great in certain spaces, but may not stand the test of time. Stick with us as we explore these trends and offer classic solutions for all of your windows.


Striped curtains are really in right now. And while we think they make the perfect addition to a little boys bedroom, we would definitely keep this statement out of more formal spaces like living rooms and dining rooms. To  maintain the look of stripes without so much of the boldness, try a color block drape. They bring the same colors into the space without feeling overwhelming. 

Shop the trendy look here, or try the classic look here.


Bold, bright chevron gets a pretty bad rap in the design community, and there is a reason why. While it's a fun pattern, it doesn't quite scream sophistication. It's come a long way from it's days on the Missoni runway, and we have seen it everywhere from  interior design, fashion, architecture, culinary arts, web design, and advertising. One way to tone down chevron is to use it as a texture, rather than a pattern. You can still capture the essence of chevron without over-doing it.

You can snag the trendy curtains here, or keep it subtle with the classic texture here.


Ruffles aren't just for tutus anymore. We've seen them on comforters, shower curtains, towels, and curtains. As design elements like gold foil, shimmery blush tones, and white fur came together they joined up with ruffles to create an uber-feminine backdrop. While we think ruffles are good for a bachelorette master bedroom, or a young girls playroom we aren't convinced they belong in other spaces in the home. If your love for ruffles can't be tamed, try toning it down. This classic option scales back the ruffles to just the bottom few feet of the drapes, giving the overall look a touch of feminine detail while maintaining a bit of seriousness. 

Shop the trendy curtains here or take a look at the classic drapes here.