The Olson’s are entering into a new phase of life that includes spending less time at work and more time relaxing and spending time with their grandchildren. For their home, our goal was to create an elegant, fresh,  & simple style that focused on “how to live, not just how to look pretty.”

This space is a place where many conversations are to be had! It is a smaller more intimate space; the client’s only request was for it not to be too feminine with floral prints and curvy legs on the furniture. I think the end result was a perfect balance that includes straight, masculine lines and soft, soothing colors. 

The kitchen can become the main attraction of the home when it comes down to day-to-day life. It houses the hustle and bustle of cooking, eating, (in the Olson’s case) helping grandkids with homework, etc. We designed a space that could accommodate all of their needs but that also remained a calm and comfortable place for reading the morning paper.  

The dining room in this home is directly connected to the living room, making it one space that needs to be utilized for many purposes. Don’t be afraid to be creative with dining room seating!  By doing this, you are ready to host meetings, family dinners, and game nights that will be comfortable for all who attend. 

The Olson’s master bedroom was meant to be a place of peace and serenity. We used a very natural color palette including blues with a hint of green on the walls (Paris Rain by Benjamin Moore) that reflects the natural light from the windows. It also complimented the beautiful wood finish of their newly acquired Stickley furniture!