To continue our “Spring Fling” series we wanted to elaborate more on de-cluttering your spaces. This step and deep cleaning really go hand in hand. We find it’s much easier to deep clean as you are de-cluttering, when you remove items you have less things to clean, right? 

The best way to start de-cluttering your home is to prioritize your rooms. This way you can tackle each space at a time, allowing yourself to really focus on each space without getting burnt out. And don’t just stash the mess in the garage- the whole point of de-cluttering is to simplify your life! Plus you’ll feel great donating the items to someone in need, or making some extra cash at a yard sale. So here’s our simple list to help you get started this weekend.

Living Room:

1. Browse through all DVD’s and movies. Eliminate any empty and donate any you no longer watch. Discard any severely scratched or damaged discs.

2. Go through shelves. Donate any knickknacks you don’t need.

3. Sort through books and magazines. Old magazines can be recycled and any books you have read may be donated.

4. Sort through drawers of end tables. Remove any loose papers, garbage, or unnecessary items.


1. Remove any expired items or old and unused items from the pantry.

2. Toss any empty boxes that may have accumulated in the pantry or cabinets.

3. Toss any old or unused spices as they are most likely not fresh, they typically only last 2 years- after that its time to refresh.

4. Sort through kitchen towels. Remove heavily stained or torn towels.

5. Go through dishes, and remove any cracked, chipped, or unmatched pieces.

6. Empty all drawers and remove any broken or unused tools or appliances. Toss or donate.

Home Office:

1. Toss any receipts more than a year old unless you need them for taxes. File any tax related receipts.

2. Throw away any bills more than a year old. A paper shredder is perfect for shredding documents with personal information.

3. Go through filing cabinets or filing folders, eliminating any items that no longer have value or need.

4. Shred any documents containing personal information. Discard the shredding right away so they don’t get forgotten about!


1. Toss any empty or old toiletry containers. Add the contents of nearly empty containers to new ones so you don’t have two taking up space.

2. Toss any make up or cosmetics more than a year old.

3. Check showers for empty containers and discard.

4. Remove any items that don’t serve a purpose from the bathroom counter and sink area.

5. Sort through bathroom towels. Remove heavily stained or torn towels.


1. Clear dresser tops of anything that doesn’t serve a daily function.

2. Go through drawers and closets for clothing items you no longer wear or use. Donate any items still in good condition.

3. Line up shoes. Donate any you haven’t worn in the last year.

4. Repeat this process when considering your jewelry, scarves, belts, and other accessories.

5. Check under beds and side tables for items that can be stored elsewhere, donated, or tossed.

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