In this series “Trendy vs Classic” we want to show you examples of trendy styles, while offering a classic take on the same design elements. This kind of thinking is great for home owners on a budget who are looking years into the future, and want to select timeless pieces for their home.  

It is true a rug can literally “ground” a space. It anchors the furniture and gives a room a sense of definition. We can’t help but notice the bold, bright and trendy patterns we are seeing used prolifically on rugs these days. We love bold looks for children’s spaces and in small doses, but we wonder how long the trend will last. Are you a fan of the bold and colorful rug? 


Wool rugs and Kilims are so big right now. It’s probably the trendiest style we’ve seen in a while. They are a perfect match for a boho or eclectic space. If your own personal taste falls into that category, then a kilim might just be the thing for you. If you are looking for another style that might take you farther into the future- this over-dyed traditional rug is a more subtle statement maker. While the over-dyed look is a trend right now also, this option’s neutral hues give it an antique look, transforming it into a rug that can fit into traditional décor as well. 

Links to the Trendy Rug and the Classic Rug


The trellis pattern has been a trend for a while. We’ve seen it in bedding, drapes, and pillows, as well as rugs. It definitely makes a statement, and is not a design choice for the faint at heart. To make this pattern stand the test of time, try selecting a rug that is more tone-on-tone, rather than high contrast. Another way to combat the trendiness is to scale the pattern way down so it isn’t so bold. Either, or both of those tactics are a great option for making trellis the perfect pattern for your space. 

Links to the Trendy Rug and the Classic Rug


We love how sophisticated a chain-link or woven pattern can be. While both of these rugs could easily fit into a contemporary or traditional space, the main difference between them is the boldness of the trendy rug’s pattern. Like the trellis rug in the example above, its high contrast color makes this rug a statement maker.  To offset that boldness, try choosing a rug that utilizes the texture from the weave to create its pattern, like the classic option here.  

Links to the Trendy Rug and the Classic Rug

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