Adding flowers to your home in the spring is a great way to freshen up your space. We love the look that a fresh bouquet gives a room. Flowers are really the best accessory- they add color, and can be used in pretty much every room to liven things up. Here's our roundup of the best flowers to use in each space in your home.

For the bedroom we love the look of roses or peonies. They are delicate but the blooms have quite a bit of fullness and come in a variety of colors. Select a shade that compliments your space, if you are unsure white is always a winning hue.  You can cut the stems short and arrange them in a tea cup or julep vase and they are best placed on a nightstand or in a try on a dresser. 

You can get away with a variety of floral types in a living room- but our favorite is a large bowl full of hydrangeas. They are one of the fullest looking flowers, so you don't need many stems to create an eye-catching piece. We'd go for white hydrangeas, but if your space can handle the blue or the blush tones they are great options too. Choose a container with a wide opening this will allow you to create a full-looking arrangement. The vase can be tall or short, we love how they look in a blue and white ginger jar, or a modern glass vase. 

Bathrooms and Powder rooms are well suited for white flowers and greens. Keeping the palette neutral will give a sense of freshness. Try mixing small buds with greens or roses for added interest.  Like bedroom arrangements, we like to keep these pieces shorter, in a small cup or vase. 

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Take your florals to new heights in the kitchen. Branches in a vase on an island add height and presence. Quince and cherry blossoms are perfect for spring, they add a touch of color to white kitchens. If you have more natural wood tones in your kitchen, apple blossoms in white make for the perfect pairing. We also love how simple bare branches look, you don't need to overdue it, less is more with this type of arrangement. And when in doubt the flower that looks good no matter which room you place it in- orchids. They come in many colors, and sizes so you can select the perfect option for your space- and bonus they live much longer than cut flowers.