Many of us dream about having a walk-in closet with built-in storage to keep us neatly organized. We even get a bit blown-away at some of the closets we've seen on Pinterest, and in celebrity homes. But the reality is, many more new homes are equipped with walk-in closets which help eliminate clothing storage pieces in your bedroom- and we are all for simplifying the bedroom design! But there are a few element we think you should include in your closet, whether you have a simple walk-in or an entire room devoted to dressing. Here are 4 great closet "must haves" to incorporate into your own closets at home!

Maximize your vertical space

The minimum height of rods is 63" for floor-length dresses, while you should allow 45" for hanging pants and shirts. If you stack two rods in one vertical space you can maximize your total storage, you can then leave about a 24" wide space for the single rod to hang dresses and longer coats. If you have high ceilings, hang shelves above your rods to store seasonal items or hand bags. 

Add a vanity

If you have the space it's nice to include a surface to place jewelry and perfume bottles on. In a smaller closet, you can create a vanity surface by stacking some shoe storage shelves on top of each other and utilizing the top of the shelf to place small catch-all bowls. If you have the room a  dresser or set of built in drawers makes the perfect vanity surface. 

Include a mirror

A full-length mirror is very important to seeing how the outfit comes together. Consider mounting a mirror to a free wall, or using mirrored doors to utilize wall space for storage solutions like that brilliant shoe rack. 

Add a seat

While not all closets have the space to have seating, if you do have the space it is a necessary element. Try floating an ottoman in the center of your closet it makes trying on shoes less of a balancing act. Snug a bench or stool at the end of a vanity, or under some of your hanging clothes- In a pinch a sturdy stool makes a make shift ladder to reach those high shelves!