A common decorating question we often are asked is, "How can I mix different finishes together in the same room, shouldn't I just buy the 3 piece set?" Well the days of matching wood furniture sets are a thing of the past.  One of our favorite ways to decorate is to include pieces that add depth and make a room feel collected, rather than staged. When all of the wood surfaces in a single space share the same tone, nothing stands out and the room falls flat. When you begin to mix wood tones in a room you add the warmth and texture that makes a space feel organic and collected. There is no correct answer when it comes to mixing wood furniture finishes, but here are a few guidelines that may help you begin curating your space. 


Purposely contrast the floor and the furniture to make an impact. Pair light wood floors with furniture that has a deeper stain, or vise versa. This will allow your furniture to stand out, rather then blending in to the space below. The juxtaposition of very dark and very light woods adds depth and creates interest for your eye to move around the space.


When you examine the tones of the wood you can pick up on the color variations in each piece.  Some woods, like cherry, have a red undertone while woods like pine carry a yellow undertone. These tones don't necessarily always play nice together. Select tones that compliment each other. Deep chocolate tones play well with lighter walnut and alder tones, and grey rustic finished like barn wood can be warmed up with tones like pine. 


An easy way to create impact is by using a larger piece of wood furniture as your starting point and adding several wood tones around it. For example, a large dining table could be your focal point and you can accent that wood tone with the frame on your dining chairs, or a mirror hanging above a buffet. In a living room you might have a coffee table that takes center stage, while a bathroom vanity can take center stage in your master suite. 

Mixing woods can be a balancing act, that may seem hard at first.  But by selecting a few accessories or occasional furnishings that you like and mixing them in your space with trial and error you can achieve a well grounded, inviting space.