Have you ever had this happen? Someone is talking about a new house a friend purchased or built. The quality of the house or success of the individual is represented by the size of the house. Comments like "It's so big!" can easily be mistaken for "It's so nice!" And perhaps given the chance to go see the house you discover it is big. So BIG in fact the family did not have the budget to add any detail to the home, let alone fully furnish the space.

Something doesn't seem right about that. Just because it's big doesn't mean it is better. It doesn't mean that it has better space planning or trim details, or even make it more comfortable to be in. We agree that some of our favorite spaces to design are small bunk rooms or cozy little nooks that make a house memorable and charming. 

When considering what size of home you are going to build or buy. Think about leaving room in the budget for upgraded finishes, additional trim work, a nice wallpaper, and things that really make a house a home, rather than merely square footage. These things will be what will truly make your home someplace special.