Get this! Almost one hundred percent of designer rooms do not have a matching bedroom set. As in - it all is the same color, came from the same place, and was purchased on the same day.

We understand it seems a lot less “fool proof” to buy a bedroom set. Someone has already done the work for you. There are no worries of mixing the wrong woods or mixing styles that don’t really go. There is no messing it up, however, if you are feeling a little brave, explore with us the genius of not having a matching set. We find there is a lot more visual texture and variety in the room if it doesn't all “match” or come in the same set. You will love each piece for it’s unique features and character that it brings to your space.

There is such lovely texture and color brought into the room just by the variety of size, height and sheen of each of these pieces. When collecting your bedroom set there are two things to remember. Make sure that the nightstands are similar in height. This will keep the room balanced and keep your room from feeling lopsided. The second thing to remember is just like the first - make sure that your lamps are similar in size, especially height. Something that works great for us, is to choose a wood headboard with a pretty stain and pair it with nightstands with a fun painted color, or visa versa. An easy way to get a designer bedroom is to use an upholstered headboard, it brings in a soft texture and will go well with many different finishes.

So what if you are thinking, “That's nice, I really like the idea, but I have all matching sets and don’t want to start over.” We have an idea to solve this design puzzle. Try separating or mixing and matching some of your bedroom set pieces through out your house. Maybe you swap dressers from one room to the next or a pair of nightstands with another. You could even try out a small dresser as an entry chest or a unique end table as a nightstand.

This is a great way to have an eclectic, not so predictable, and “collected over time” kind of look. It is a sure way to make your home look like it is right out of a magazine and not brought right home from the furniture store.

So what's your take? Matching or not? We want to hear what you think about the matter.