Design Details: Commercial Project

We have been going full steam ahead with design development on a 20,000 sq ft commercial space in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We will share more details as it begins construction. It's slated to be finished this fall. It will be complete with offices, a retail store, and spaces for people to reserve for their own events. A few of the concept images we have gathered as well as materials and textures we are loving are included above.

Opal Portfolio: NW Artisan Hardware

We mentioned this photo shoot we did for NW Artisan Hardware a while ago. We love working with NW Artisan, they are so talented and nice to work with. Today we will be sharing the product images with you.

To see more of their awesome doors check out their gallery.

To see more information about the Arrow Bard Door click here.

Shower VS. TUB

How often do you take time to relax and soak in the tub? If you’re like me, you can barely find an extra minute for anything! I see the bathtub everyday but it’s just turned into one more thing I have to clean…

Homeowners are beginning to steer away from installing large, bulky bathtubs to installing more elaborate showers. They are looking to “embellish their ‘shower experience’ rather than their ‘tub experience’”. This way, you can create your own, customized spa that you’ll actually use! By doing away with a bathtub, you can experience you relaxation everyday while taking a therapeutic shower…AND save yourself from wasting space!

Don’t you love what they did with the space saved from taking out a tub?

Opal Loves: Hardware

We are loving all these great hardware ideas in this post by Design Sponge. Do you have a favorite?

Did you Know?

Do you have plans for Saturday, May 31? If you’re an interior designer, get excited. The International Federation of Architects/Designers (IFI) has hailed that special day as World Interiors Day.

The theme for this year is “Design Matters,” which will promote people to notice design’s role in positive change, how it stimulates creativity, and the way it affects people’s overall quality of life. Check out their facebook page.


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