Wednesday Giveaway: The Color Gray

As you can see we decided to do something a little bit different for this weeks Wednesday giveaway. This week, EVERYONE wins! We would like to give away our top paint colors. Tried and true these grays will be fresh and soft, with the perfect undertones.

Grays come in many varieties, blue-grays, green-grays, brown-grays, purple-grays. They are each beautiful in the right spaces. So when chooses a gray be sure to know what color undertone you will be getting and make sure it is the right one for your space.

Enjoy! And be sure to let your friends in on this weeks giveaway...everyone wins!

Leave us a comment and be sure to enter your email address if you would like the Top 9 Grays emailed to you in a PDF format.


Elisabeth Michael Opal Design Group