Opal Portfolio: Hall Residence IV

We are pumped to show you the before and afters of the Hall Residence basement. This basement has lots of natural light and feels really open and fresh. Check it out!


The Hall family wanted to keep the existing fireplace rock due to the major cost of removing it, so we designed cabinetry and a mantle to go around the rock to bring it up to date. We also have designed the cabinetry to fit their needs including TV, games, books, and entertainment consoles.


The Hall house is very unique in that it has a Lab in the basement! The Halls are a family of scientists and engineers, having a lab allows them to work on projects at home. We wanted to keep the lab feeling a little more residential than something you would find at work, so this is what we came up with!


The laundry room was a bit tricky due to the fact that the duct work made the ceilings only 6' tall. We maximized the use of the small space with lots of cabinets for storage.


We chose to shadowbox the downstairs bathroom to give it a little flavor. We also used a pendant light over the sink instead of the normal vanity light.

Next week we will be concluding the Hall Residence with the kids bedrooms and the guest suite. Be sure to take a peek!

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